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Winner, Fiction: Anthologies, 2015 International Book Awards
Horror finalist Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year Award
41 Strange wins prize in 2014 USA Best Book Awards


Newly released 41 Strange
A unique experience into the strange and horrifying



 Death Meets Strange in this debut collection of 41 new short stories…

41 little slices of nightmares…

A tenant fears the staircase-creature coming to life outside his peephole in the witching hour (Staircase Man); A futuristic tour bus ride has a most gruesome surprise for its unsuspecting tourists (Strickland Domain); A car wash trip becomes psychological torture for a trapped claustrophobic driver (Frank’s Wash); Two sexy girls skinny dip in the dark pool of their night terrors (The Pool Hoppers). Plus lots more…

These 41 tales were each written “in the lonely hours of the wolf… in the pre-dawn darkness when you get those waking nightmares.” For those starving for horrific plots, ideal for curling up for a chilling night read before bed. The selection includes sci-fi, fantasy, horror, dark humor, mystery.


 Acclaim for 41 Strange

“What we have here is a compilation of narratives that are filled with elements of horror and sheer creepiness… each story is a quick read that abundantly satisfies the audience’s thirst and appetite for horrific plots… gruesome and skillfully assembled… these short horror stories provide great entertainment…” 5 stars   — Norm Goldman, Bookpleasures

“A fantastic book!” James Lowe, The Jiggy Jaguar Show

“Macabre, engrossing, and well-done… packs a lot of punch… This is the mark of the superior short story… if you like the ironies and drama of ‘The Twilight Zone’, 41 Strange is very highly recommended!” D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“The 41 stories range in length from one to a few pages and, similarly to CreepshowThey’re fun and eerie…Through these nightmare stories there is something about our present that is being told.” Toronto Film Review, David Davidson

“Each tale takes you on a strange journey, best viewed from beneath the bed covers… This keeps you in a state of perpetual anticipation, where it is impossible to guess what the next entry may have in store… delightfully diverse.” Pacific Book Review

“41 Strange has so many different ideas of horror and death… They are unique and original and I loved them all. The writing is excellent and the stories ‘jumped off the pages keeping me rapidly turning them.’ I could hardly wait to find out what happened next and next and next. If you are a horror fan, 41 Strange is a MUST READ!” 5 stars Fundinmental

… master storytellers… left me absolutely amazed at how much could be accomplished within a few quick pages. These stories quickly took me back to my teenage years of huddling under the covers with a scary book until the early morning hours.Kimberly’s Bookshelf

“Next Thanksgiving you will… look suspiciously at that turkey on the platter… an excellent job of compiling this collection of creepy tales… if you love a good shiver you will definitely have fun with 41 Strange.” The Road to Here

“Loved this book!!!” —producer The Ring, Mulholland Drive

“… very cleverly written.” —DK Ryan, Dead as Hell Horror Podcast; Horror Worlds

“What an awesome little collection of the best kind of short stories. Just when you think you have the mystery solved or the horror is ready to strike… one story ends and another is there to feed your addiction. … remind you of Stephen King & Dean Koontz.” StarAngels’ Reviews


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